National Grant Schemes


National Grant Schemes

The National Grant Schemes are designed and approved at national level and are funded solely by national funds. The aim of these projects is the implementation of various state policies and priorities e.g. strengthening employment, promotion of tourism, etc. The implementation and management of these projects takes place exclusively in Cyprus, under the responsibility of the relevant Ministries, public agencies and authorities. These funds are accessible to a big number of beneficiaries and many different types of businesses. It is important to note that these opportunities are available every year and might even open several times or stay open throughout a year, until all funds are distributed.

You can view the national grant schemes below

Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA)
1. Enterprise Based Programmes in Cyprus View
2. Enterprise Based Programmes Abroad View
3. Programmes for Multi-company Training Abroad Programs View
4. Multi-company Training Programs (De Minimis) View

Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO)
1. Funding Scheme for travel purposes (sales calls) View
2. Funding Scheme for hospitality provision for the organization of corporate conferences View
3. Funding Scheme for the hosting of conferences View
4. Funding Scheme for hosting potential tourism customers (inspection visits) View
5. Funding Scheme for the acquisition of conferences (De Minimis) View
Ministry of Education
  • Dance

  • Culture
      1. Support for the development of music View
      2. Support for the development of traditional culture View
      3. Support for the development of the dance field View
      4. Support for the development growth of the arts View
      5. Support for the development and growth of the theatre View
      6. Support for literary activities View
      7. Support for film activities View


    Research Promotion Foundation (RPF)

    Pillar 1 – Smart Development
  • EUREKA Cyprus View
  • Research in Companies View
  • Research in Start-ups View
  • European initiatives for local development View

  • Pillar 2 – Sustainable System
  • EUROSTARS Cyprus View
  • SME Instrument – 2nd Chance View

  • Pillar 3 – Modernization
  • Innovation Vouchers View
  • Commercialization of research results in companies View
  • Commercialization of research results in research organizations View
  • Culture Cultivation for innovation and development View
  • Participation in international networking events View

  • Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Tourism and Industry

  • Online Entrepreneurship View

  • 3Closed

    Ministry of Education

    Specialized Schemes

  • Book & Literature
      1. Buying publications and enriching libraries View
      2. Strengthening Periodical Publications with Cultural Content View
      3. Studies on the Modern Culture of Cyprus View
      4. Translation of the works of Cypriot writers View
      5. Translation and Publication of the work of the Turkish-Cypriot Secretariat View
      6. Promotion and visibility of Cypriot Publications abroad View
  • Art

  • Cinema
      1.Programme for independent productions View

  • Traditional Culture
      1. Conservation of intangible cultural heritage View

  • Cultural decentralisation
      1. Funding programme for the cultural decentralisation View

  • Promotion, Visibility & Networking
      1. Funding Programme for promotion, visibility and networking View

  • Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA)

    HRDA Schemes
      1. Graduates Placement Scheme 2015 View


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