We are Kalys Solutions

Kalys Solutions Ltd is more than just a consultancy firm! It’s the people who built it, it’s the story behind it, the philosophy driving it and the future ahead!

We know firsthand how difficult it is to build a business and make it survive in such a complex and competitive business world, and we are here to assist!

Our founders, built Kalys Solutions from the ground-up, through the controversy and difficulties of the 2013 financial crisis. However, they had a dream! Through the use of funding they managed to start the business, maintain it and make it grow!

Now, years later and having helped many businesses, the Kalys Solutions team wants to make it happen for its clients!


Our mission is, with devotion and programming, to provide excellence business and funding services to assist our clients in their growth and development.

Through careful analysis of your company’s needs, we help you identify and absorb the right type of funding (EU, co-financed and national). At Kalys Solutions, we are also strong believers of targeted planning and efficient implementation, which we assist you in achieving, through business planning and custom-made project management. Finally, no company can thrive without specialised personnel. We provide staff trainings tailor-made to meet your needs and expectations, driving you faster to your target markets.

Meet our Founders

Kalia Demetriadou is a young entrepreneur with a strong passion for evolution. Her areas of specialization are Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Project Management, Public Relations and Communications. In addition, she is specialized in consulting and proposal writing in the areas of Lifelong Learning programmes, ERASMUS +, Employment and training, Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Schemes.

Kalia has received a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and European Studies from the University of Nicosia and a Master Degree in International Relations from Kingston University London. Further to her studies, she has also received the LCCI in Public Relations and has attended several trainings for funding opportunities. She is active in providing trainings in cooperation with Universities in Cyprus and Greece with regards to entrepreneurship.

Angeliki Solomonidou is a motivated entrepreneur with a main focus on entrepreneurship, research and innovation. She specializes in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Research and Innovation, as well as Public Relations and Communications. Through her experience, she has become trained in Horizon 2020, Business Innovation Schemes and the Research and Promotion Foundation (Cyprus) programmes. She is very active in the field of blogging as writing is one of her biggest passions and greatest strengths. Furthermore, she has a passion for networking and public speaking.

She has received a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and European Studies from the University of Nicosia, a Master Degree from the University of Bonn (Germany) in European Integration Studies with a specialization in Euro Mediterranean issues and is currently in the third year of Law at the University of Nicosia. Additionally, she has received the LCCI in Public Relations and has attended seminars and trainings with regards to funding opportunities and communications. She has also done her internship at the Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the EU (Brussels, Belgium), in the Council Team. She is actively involved in the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovative startups, through trainings she provides in collaboration with Universities in Cyprus and Greece.

One of her favorite quotes is “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” as stated by Aristotle.


Let's meet and discover ways that Kalys Solutions can assist on your next big project