5 tips to ease your way back to the office after the holidays

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5 tips to ease your way back to the office after the holidays

Well, I have to say it’s been a while, holidays and all! I have to admit, the way back from the holidays for most has begun and ended and we are back at the office, trying to catch up with everything. For those for whom the road back has just started, do not worry, it’s not as difficult as we might think it is! Truth is that, no matter if you are an employee or an entrepreneur, it is always a little heart pitching when the end of the holidays is here. For me, personally, I like to celebrate it as a new beginning, a chance to make something new and be even more productive. You know, you have rested, gathered your strength, spent some time with your family (much overdue for most) and you are now a “new” person.

However, no one is very fond of leaving the resting period and getting back into the early mornings and clients being all over the place. Let’s face it, they were on holidays too and they are only trying, like everyone, to get back in the game. So, this leaves us with everyone, service and product providers and clients, in a limbo for about a couple of weeks. The way I see it, it’s only a matter of perspective really, to ease your way back into the office and make your “recovery” a lot faster.

So, I thought it appropriate, as our first blog for the month of September, to let you in on my little routine and I do hope it will help you out! So here goes:

  1. Stop thinking of the office as a burden:

Truth is, the office and work is what allows you to go on holidays in the first place. Therefore, without it, you maybe wouldn’t have the chance to go on that lovely holiday with your family, which makes everyone happy! Also, working is what keeps us motivated! That is if you enjoy your work, if you don’t consider a career change! Studies have shown that productivity is an essential part of leading a healthy life, which honestly, is what we all want. So being on holidays for a couple of weeks is good and resting, but once you stop being productive you can feel the energy lowering in your body and mind. I would say that the office is a space of creativity and productivity, which gives us a major part of what we need.


  1. Make a list:

Now, a list can comprise of many things, including the work you have to catch up on but also what you want to achieve in the next trimester (yes, I am talking about the way to Christmas). Pick whichever is better for you to become more motivates, or do both, which is probably the best choice to get you going. Begin with writing down everything you need to catch up on. I find it puts the stress down once you have a clear view of what you need to do. I would suggest you categorize them by priority, High-Medium-Low. In doing so, you will be able to properly address the work, without leaving any of your clients behind and in due time for everyone to be happy. Then, create a new list, or use the same one whichever works best, to put down your goals. Such goals, could be “to make partner”, “to acquire five new clients for the company”, “to introduce new services” and so on and so forth. Good motivation to get the job done, isn’t it?


  1. Communicate with your colleagues and employees:

Take the time to have a chat or meeting (for the employer) with everyone. The purpose of such meeting is to catch up on everyone’s news, for those who want to share of course, and welcome them back. It’s always nicer to have a get together and a chat first, instead of just rushing into the office and feeling depressed. Also, it will make you and everyone around you feel more of a group in the effort of “getting back on the horse”. Thumbs up to productivity!

Then, it’s good to take the time to see where everyone is with regards to where they are at with their work. When working in groups, most of the time one’s work depends on another’s. By figuring out how much progress there is for one, it is easier to determine the work of the other related individuals. A plus to this is that it will help you come up with the list of to-do’s, making point number 2 easier.


  1. Start getting things done:

It is understandable that things will probably seem like a pile, no matter what. Like my mother always says, “instead of just looking at it, start doing it”. A very wise lady! Since you have your list, start with number 1 and take it a step at a time. Once you start completing tasks, it becomes easier to keep going and getting back into your routine. Also, don’t make the mistake of lingering on a job if it doesn’t come to you, no matter how urgent it is. The brain sometimes needs to unwind a little from one task before it finds the answer to the matter. So, take a breath, have a walk, complete another task until it comes to you. Your lovely brains need rewiring until they get back to work capacity. I can assure you that you will waste more time lingering on something that doesn’t come to you.


  1. Hit the gym or any other exercise activity:

This might seem somewhat trivial, but it is a major part of easing your way back after the holidays. I was reading an article in the Huffington Post a few days back, which stated that “our emotions affect us physically”, and so does the way back from the holidays! Exercising is a nice way to take out the stress and tiredness of the day to keep your spirits up and get you even more productive. Also, a fun fact about exercising is that it can boost your energy by 20% and decrease your fatigue by up to 65%. I am not the one saying this by the way, but researchers from the University of Georgia, so I’m guessing they must be right.

So, wear your training clothes and shoes, get to training and ease your way back from the holidays with an energetic start!


Finally, I just want to leave you with a happy note. The next holiday is pretty soon so make the most of the time you are spending at the office!


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