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April 21, 2016
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3 Tips to keep your employees happy working for you!


Most companies hire employees as they grow and need new fresh minds to keep it going. The number of companies, however, that retain their employees for years, is much less. The reason is simple. Employees stay in a company, when they feel happy. And believe me happiness is a difficult task to achieve.
Many of you, might already be thinking that money is the answer to the question since a good salary can fulfill most human needs. But when it comes to happiness, the answer is no! It’s true that money (alone) cannot buy happiness, and therefore, cannot keep employees. So let’s see some tips to keep employees satisfied and happy, when salary isn’t the driving factor.

Make them feel like home
You’ve got to get employees feel that they are in their place, that they belong there and that is not just about work. There are a lot of ways you can deploy to achieve this. First step by letting them know the truth about the state of the company and feel responsible for it. Transparency, is a key characteristic, which does not cost nothing, but it requires an ongoing dialogue between management and staff. Be open to your employees and encourage communication in all areas. For example, you may leave the door of your office open, thus you are reachable. You can promote communications during breaks and organize peer meetings after work or within the weekend. Believe me, you learn a lot about people when they are relaxed and stress-free.
Another way to inspire that feeling is to provide them with flexibility. Allowing them to come later than the traditional 9 to 5, to the office or letting them dress the way feel like are some options. Just provide some guidelines of what is appropriate and what isn’t and let them decide. Don’t forget that they are humans just like you, have personal lives and sometimes might need to go to the doctor or even might need a day off!
Create a career pathway
It is often much more effective to give employees direction and options to accomplish self-development. I believe that everybody wants to better themselves. This can take the form of training opportunities and career mentoring. It’s critical for your business to have regular career planning discussions with your employees, in which you will present and provide them with training options. Employees tend to leave from companies, if they’re not given further education and motivation to achieve higher positions in a company.
A beneficial and limited- cost option for training for your employees is through online education. A good example, is Coursersa with a range of courses. Check it out!
Recognize and reward
Recognizing achievements are high motivators for everyone. Just think of the feeling when you achieve a certain objective. It’s great, isn’t it? Now imagine how your employees will feel if they achieve a certain goal and recognize them. Let me tell you that they fell awesome that moment and be sure that they will feel thirsty to do it again and again. At the same moment reward them, with an extra bonus. This will allow them to become more confident in their abilities, while making them feel more valuable to the organization.
Concluding note!
Caring for your employees will make them happy to work for you. Use these tips and I’m pretty sure they will help you. Or give us a call to help you retain your employees!



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